myanmar open wordnet

Myanmar Open Wordnet (MOW) is a freely-available semantic dictionary of the Burmese language. It is inspired by the Princeton Wordnet and the Global WordNet Grid, and is part of the Open Multilingual Wordnet

Current Version


This is a very early release, meant for initial integration with the Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW). It can be browsed on the OMW, and is also available as a simple tab-separated file (here). As a preliminary release, it is comparatively tiny, with the following hulking stats:

1198 synsets

483 core synsets

1041 words

1476 entries

If you use MOW for research, please do cite our canonical paper.
Note: This release is certainly not error-free. Feedback and comments are most welcomed!

MOW (including the data on the OMW) is open — it can be used and modified by anyone, for any purpose, so long as the resulting product is under the same license. (CC BY 4.0 License)

Citation & References

Citing MOW

If you found MOW useful, or use it in research, you may cite the following paper:

Wenjie Wang and Francis Bond (in-progress) An Introduction to Myanmar Open Wordnet, Linguistic Issues in Language Technology: Special Issue on Linking, Integrating and Extending Wordnets, Volume 10 Issue 4

Latest News & Updates

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Mow 0.1.3 Available for Download

05 Oct 2017

The first downloadable version of MOW is now here. It is based on MOW 0.1.3. This release is a very simple tab-separated file containing synset-lemma pairs, based on the format used in the old OMW. The next few preliminary releases will also be in this format.

Do download it and give it a spin! Feedback and comments are most welcomed! (canonical citation)

Minor Update: MOW 0.1.3

14 Jul 2017

MOW 0.1.3 is a minor update, covering around a hundred more synsets. It can be accessed in the Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW).

Update: MOW 0.1.2

23 May 2017

We’ve just uploaded MOW 0.1.2 onto the Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW). Coverage-wise, it is identical to 0.1.1, but 0.1.2 includes romanised and ASCII-friendly variant spellings, so you can now search on OMW using:

  • Myanmar Language Commission Transcription System (MLCTS)
  • “MLCTS 2”, a version used in the Myanmar-English Dictionary published by the MLC
  • Two other simplified systems, “Simple” and “Simple2”. We based them on MLCTS2 and MLCTS respectively. More on these soon!

Unfortunately at the moment, the Simple Browser does not support this version.

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